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Quantum Biofeedback Services


I am honored to offer you a variety of Quantum Biofeedback Services for your thriving life:

Animal Wellness
Bach Flower Essences for Emotional Balance
Balance Emotions with Essential Oils on Specific Points
Chemical Sensitivity Balancing
Food Sensitivity Balancing
Harmonize Hormones
♦ Brain Protocol Harmonizing to desensitize trauma experienced at an early age
♦ Chakra Balancing
♦ Meridian Balancing
♦ Harmonize Addictions
♦ Vessel Wellness Harmonizing
♦ Success Harmonizing
♦ Discover what may be stressing your immune system from EMFs to toxins to a variety of products
♦ Discover which Young Living Essential Oils and products are priority for your field to be balanced

We will look at all of your body systems for imbalances as well as nutrition imbalances. Your energy field contains all the information about you! Aura photos are included before your biofeedback session and after.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment for biofeedback services to upgrade your frequency and your life!


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