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Your web site design should fill your heart with joy!


Your web site should make you feel warm and cozy as well as excitement because you are presenting your Self to the world energetically.

I started my first web site back in 1999, before Wordpress was created but what was available then was pretty ugly and i wanted to be able to choose my own colors and backgrounds and make changes as my creativity and intuition guided me. I learned how to code html and css - yes you can learn anything online! And that's how I learned to create web sites. Of course things have changed dramatically since then but having a foundation in coding is very important in designing a site that really reflects you and your offerings.


Web Site Design


Web Site Deposit


Let's design your beautiful web site today!!

What do you receive for your money? A personally customized WordPress framework. The scope of work includes everything from strategy through design, coding, SEO, and client training so that you can take the reins for future content updates (or you can pay a small fee for updates). I will set up your basic pages: home page, services (I love working with healers!), about you, contact page. If you have products to sell, I can set up Paypal buttons or your preferred payment method. And all of your social media links will be incorporated, of course! You will need to purchase a domain name and web hosting. You provide the content and royalty-free images or I can help you search for images. I have the technical knowledge as well as design skills to help your business thrive on the web!



Logo Design


Logo Design to reflect you!

If you don't have a logo or would like to redesign your current logo, let's do it!



Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design to get attention!

Are you selling a product that you'd like to showcase? Or maybe you've written a book about your life's journey. A landing page is an excellent way to broadcast your unique offering to the world!


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