Discovering Food Sensitivities


Food Sensitivity Awareness


Becoming aware of your food sensitivities through biofeedback can be helpful to give you some context of what you may need to eliminate from your diet as well as balance your reactivity. Quantum biofeedback technology evaluates your energy field in relation to substances.

You may have the ability to digest a certain food, but because of some other disturbance either in the gut, an emotional wound, or for example, an excess of toxicity you are not able to do so. The good news is we can figure some of this out with biofeedback and help you feel better.

Typically testing for immunoglobulin, or IgE, only is limiting because it tests for immediate reactions and not delayed reactions. Immunogloblins such as IgG and IgA are those that are involved in this delayed reaction. These types of reactions are observed as chronic fatigue, bloating, mental fog, general feelings of not being as well as one could be. Digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, loose stools and more could also be related to this type of delayed reaction.

Any time there are unresolved emotions or emotional wounds, there is likely to be a series of escalating food sensitivities. This is related to stress levels as well. In fact, when we carry unresolved emotional issues (and all of us do to some extent) with no outlet or resolution, this can lead to being stuck in sympathetic mode. In other words, we don’t switch into a state which is optimal for digestion. That state is called parasympathetic; it is also known as the “rest and digest” state. In this state, we produce wonderful levels of digestive enzymes, strong stomach acid and our natural movement of smooth muscle throughout the digestive system is good as well.

Clearing and harmonizing emotions at the same time as harmonizing the foods is a wonderful way to balance these energies as they are connected to each other. When emotional balance takes place, you will often see the number of foods you are sensitive to begin to decrease, resulting in feeling better overall and having less bloating. Utilizing biofeedback, you will discover which foods you are currently most sensitive to and balance your reactivity to them, restore your body's own natural state of wellness. With Quantum Resonance Biofeedback, energetic stressors are identified and then harmonized through the specific frequencies for these stressors. Using your name, a photo, a 15 second soundbyte of your voice and birth date, the system analyzes your overall frequency which is then compared to the frequencies of the substances.


Biofeedback for Food Sensitivities


Food is Life

In naturopathic medicine, the most basic of all principles is the one that “disease begins in the gut.” You can feel better by improving your digestive health with biofeedback and you may be pleasantly surprised to have balanced skin tone, better immune response, etc. by improving your digestive system so you are nurtured by food.



Follow Up Biofeedback Sessions


Because food sensitivities can change frequently!

Typically a person needs 8-12 sessions to anchor the frequencies into cellular memory and create a new energetic imprint for thriving. Invest in your well-being with an 8 Session Package for $550 and save $50!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
― Hippocrates


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