Discovering Chemical Sensitivities


Chemical Sensitivity Solutions to Our Toxic Environment


Becoming aware of your chemical sensitivities through biofeedback can be helpful to give you some context of what you may need to detoxify as well as areas where you may need to focus. Quantum biofeedback technology evaluates your energy field.

Unfortunately the human species has polluted our beautiful planet and in the process, we have polluted ourselves. From petrochemicals in our personal care products to pesticides on yards and toxins in our household cleaning solutions, for example, we are breathing in harmful substances and our skin is absorbing them.

Utilizing biofeedback, you will discover which chemical toxins you are most sensitive to and balance your reactivity to them. Once you are aware of the offending toxins, you can make the necessary changes to eliminate them which will allow your body to restore its own natural state of wellness. With Quantum Resonance Biofeedback, energetic stressors are identified and then harmonized through the specific frequencies for these stressors. Using your name, a photo, a 15 second soundbyte of your voice and birth date, the system analyzes your overall frequency which is then compared to the frequencies of the substances.


Biofeedback for Chemical Sensitivities


Solutions to Our Toxic Environment are Available

Chemical sensitivities are something that most people are trying to deal with today. These sensitivities especially affect the liver and the kidneys. Becoming aware of your chemical sensitivities can be helpful to give you some context of what you may need to detoxify and areas where you may need to focus on eliminating them from your environment.



Follow Up Biofeedback Sessions


Because chemical sensitivities can change daily!

Typically a person needs 8-12 sessions to anchor the frequencies into cellular memory and create a new energetic imprint for thriving. Invest in your well-being with an 8 Session Package for $550 and save $50!

“As crude a weapon as the cave man's club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life - a fabric on the one hand delicate and destructible, on the other miraculously tough and resilient, and capable of striking back in unexpected ways. These extraordinary capacities of life have been ignored by the practitioners of chemical control who have brought to their task no "high-minded orientation," no humility before the vast forces with which they tamper.” ― Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

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