Balancing Emotions


Balancing Emotions with Essential Oils on Specific Points


Thanks to the powerful work by Dr. Carolyn Mein and her book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, we are able to address the first priority of your emotional body for balancing. Discordant emotional patterns are blockages in the energy body waiting to be released. This release can happen with a combination of the frequency of an essential oil sent to a particular location on the body, a conscious understanding of the emotional issue at hand, a “way out” which is an upgrade of the issue and an affirmation to shift from a negative to a positive energy and lay down a new emotional pattern.

The emotional pattern can be identified from the emotion itself or where there is discomfort in the body. Changing a pattern depends upon how much of a charge is experienced with an emotion over a period of time and how a person responds to their emotional upgrade.

Balance on an emotional level has multi-layered effects on other levels: a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of wellness. With Quantum Resonance Biofeedback, energetic stressors are identified and then harmonized through the specific frequencies of essential oils for these stressors. Using your name, a photo, a 15 second soundbyte of your voice and birth date, the system analyzes your overall frequency which is then compared to the frequencies of the oils along with specific body points.


Biofeedback for Balancing Emotions on Point


Upgrade your emotional balance!

If you've been feeling stuck in the same pattern over and over, this session is for you! The frequencies of the essential oil(s) are transmitted to you for stress reduction and emotional balance. You'll also see before and after photos of your energy field or aura which is a beautiful way of observing the changes in your energy field and emotional state. Sessions are in person or remotely through computer webinar software where we can see and speak to each other.



Follow Up Biofeedback Sessions


Because emotions fluctuate daily!

Typically a person needs 8-12 sessions to anchor the frequencies into cellular memory and create a new energetic imprint for thriving. Invest in your well-being with an 8 Session Package for $550 and save $50!

“Handling an emotional crisis leads to greater wisdom and results in lifetime benefits. Fear of life is really the fear of emotions. It is not the facts that we fear but our feelings about them. Once we have mastery over our feelings, our fear of life diminishes.” ― David R. Hawkins, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

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