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The Higher Chakra Trilogy is a trio of powerful Andian Orchid flower essences from Machu Picchu which can be used alone or in combination especially in groups of people. These flower essences will raise your frequency to a place where you will access rarified energies - where you become enveloped in a column of light where beauty and harmony abound. You can achieve illumination and unity consciousness when using in a group setting — enjoy!

Magenta–Zeal Point Chakra — Expression Through the Voice
Assists in opening and balancing the Zeal Point Chakra, located in the back of the head at the base of the skull. This area is referred to as the Mouth of God, a launching pad and entry point to a new evolutionary spiral. This essence assists kundalini energy moving through. It opens one to the next level of initiation in divine harmony. It also helps when energy collects in the neck. It is useful in conjunction with many other essences, and especially blends for children. Zeal Point Chakra helps us to speak our truth. The gift of this essence is a fully conscious mind to express the spiritual powers through the voice. It is beneficial to have body work done while opening this chakra.
Order as a 1-oz dosage bottle for $18.
Order as part of a combination for $2.

Gold+Silver/White Chakra — Balanced Lightbody / Peace / Serenity / Harmony
This exquisite orchid essence encompasses 2 chakras. The Gold Chakra is like a halo about an arms length above the head. The wisdom of the gold is love and acceptance; it is the Christed energy. Taking this orchid and desiring and intending to bring this high vibrational light into your body will assist the activation of the chakra and will help you stay balanced wihile this is happening. From the Gold Halo, this chakra cascades out to the Silver White Chakra encompassing the luminescent lightbody. This essence contains the new energies for us to access the space where truth and peace flow out of our ecstatic hearts: we feel enraptured bliss, peace, serenity and harmony. When you go into this space, you will ride the currents of the universe through your consciousness and feel wisdom and love and acceptance of all that is. Here you have recognition of self. This essence asists your subtle bodies in sustaining balance, tranquility, peacefulness, divine contentment.
Order as a 1-oz dosage bottle for $18.
Order as part of a combination for $2.

Awakened Thymus — High Heart / Graciousness
This special essence helps to filter and convert 5th dimensional energy to make it more easily acceptable to the human body. It is useful for telepathy and connecting the 3rd and 6th chakras. The thymus, being between the heart and the throat, empowers loving communication. There is soul awareness. The thymus is also called the "high heart". Useful when healing with voice and sound. (On the physical, the thymus relates to the immune system.)
Order as a 1-oz dosage bottle for $18.
Order as part of a combination for $2.

Experiment using these in different patterns and ratios. Advanced techniques are being revealed. When you buy all three, the trilogy, I will send you the information I have about using them in harmonic sequences.

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Essences can be made in any combination to accommodate your individual needs.

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