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Change Your Consciousness — Change Your Life!

Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful form of alternative healing therapy to clear subconscious blocks, heal emotional issues for spiritual healing, spiritual growth, transformation and vibrant health.

One of the Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction, states that we create or attract people, places and things by our vibration. Our vibration includes the way we think, feel, act and the words we speak. Spiritual Response Therapy raises one's vibration by transforming the subconscious negative thoughts, emotions and feelings into positive, life enhancing energy and truth. SRT is a powerful form of alternative healing which operates at the Soul level enabling one to grow and expand awareness and consciousness.

Energy is neutral. The Universe is neutral. It doesn't matter what you meant by a thought or what you meant by a word spoken; the Universe responds in like energy completely to the exact thought, the exact word, the exact vibrational energy that we emit; this is the Law of Attraction in operation.

Spiritual Response Therapy is powerful spiritual healing; we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, therefore, we need to address issues created at the spiritual level and clear subconscious blocks to happiness and joy.

Every thought that we have produces two actions. The first action consists of a vibrational energy which is emitted from us much like radio or tv waves. The distance and intensity of this energy depends on our ability to focus and maintain it, but if it is fueled with emotion, it creates even more powerfully and quickly. Like energy is attracted to like energy, therefore, if we have thoughts of a negative vibration, they hook up with similar thought-forms (the second action) which means the negative vibration is even stronger and will be returned to the owner of the thought in a stronger form. We are energetic boomerangs!

SRT clears the self-sabotaging unconscious thought-forms from a negative vibration to a positive vibration.

If you feel down, depressed, angry and don't know why, its probably because you've been affected by negative thought-forms or discordant energy. However, know that everyone is responsible for keeping up their vibrations — you have a choice as to how you respond to every situation and your response determines whether you create discordant energy.

Spiritual Response Therapy is like cleaning out the house before you can sell it; only we can take out our own garbage, but then we are responsible for what we put into our house (create) from that day forward. We all have old belief systems from our current past experiences as well as our past/future/parallel lives which contribute to the energy and vibration we are today. SRT clears negative energy from false belief systems, fear, guilt, dis-ease, doubt, depression and many other issues which are usually created in other lifetimes and separation from Source but the energy is impacting us in this lifetime because we carry it until it is cleared or transcended.

By clearing yourself, you are helping to raise the vibration and consciousness of everyone on this planet. In this holographic universe in which we exist, each piece is a part of the whole; consciousness reaches out and touches all consciousness and the Universe responds by matching your higher vibration with people, places and events that match and support life itself. Make the choice to enhance your existence and consciousness as well as that of others.

SRT is a powerful and exact form of spiritual healing. Everything, absolutely everything, that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Events on all other levels – mental, emotional and physical - are only effects. When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it be ill health, a lack of money, a lost job, difficult relationships, an accident, whatever, we need to look for the spiritual learning. SRT clears the blocks to receiving the answers. Transform your life: heal relationships, heal physical illness, heal mental illness, heal depression, release fear, heal trauma, heal abuse, clear allergies, increase confidence, increase self-love - its all possible with Spiritual Response Therapy!

Shed the old to make room for joy and fun. Call now to begin your transformation — 407/399-8562, or complete my contact form. Please include your name and birthdate.

Allow the all-knowing Spirit/God/Universe/Love/Supreme Being to identify and clear the appropriate programs for you.

Clearings / consultations can be done in person, over the phone or in absentia. This process is done energetically, therefore, even though I am located in Orlando, Florida, you do not need to be present. This process is facilitated by my High Self and my High Self Committee and is received by your Soul and High Self and High Self Committee to your human self.

After your clearing, you will also receive a general clearing for the next 30 days which clears world energies and accumulated energy picked up on a daily basis. My fee is $111 for the initial clearing which also includes Spiritual Brain Repatterning and Organ and Gland Balancing; $66/half hour for additional clearings. You will also receive free follow-up work in the 30 day timeframe to address any programs that may surface as we peel the onion of your energy field. As long as we are in human form, we will continue to face situations in which to choose how to react; this is how we learn and reclaim our power as masters in the physical realm.

Are you longing for something but don't know what it is? Is there something missing from your life peace of mind, financial prosperity, love and fulfilling relationships, a career that you love?

Everything is possible and Spiritual Response Therapy can help you to receive and begin to create it all! SRT clears the Akashic Records to enable the ability to connect with our spiritual self, to know ourself as Spirit and to co-create with Spirit. Spirit is unlimited and as such, we as a component of Spirit, are able to create what it is that brings us joy and happpiness in an unlimited amount. Spiritual healing is permanent healing.

Release Anger & Stress Immediately.

Heal Your Soul of Pain, Trauma, and False Beliefs Easily & Permanently.

Click here for testimonials from Spiritual Response Therapy clients.

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"The conscious mind is like a net. It gathers information through the senses and forms ideas, beliefs and judgments and stores them in the subconscious mind. Every thing you have observed through your senses and all the thoughts and feelings you have experienced as a result of those observations are stored in the subconscious mind below the surface of your awareness.

As children, before we have fully developed our ability to reason and discriminate, we often store erroneous beliefs, perceptions and judgments. So too, in the years before we begin our spiritual journey, and even in the early years of that journey, we may have experiences or are exposed to ideas which may cause pain and confusion. We may blame and feel victimized instead of taking responsibility for what we create. Even today, we may not always express our best selves. We may feel anger, fear, guilt, etc. All is stored in the subconscious mind. You can liken this process to a computer and the programs which are stored in it.

Unlike the non-discriminating, accepting subconscious mind, the conscious mind is objective and has the ability to observe, to use logic and to discriminate. As a spiritually-aware adult, you can use the conscious mind to sort through the contents of the subconscious mind and release the destructive ideas and feelings. In their place, you plant positive ideas and feelings of love and peace.

This on-going process of mind purification (or re-programming) gradually changes the balance of supportive and limiting ideas held in the subconscious mind. As the content of your subconscious mind becomes more supportive and loving, these positive ideas will create a more positive life experience. You will draw to yourself a fuller experience of good.

This process of mind purification, this Freedom Path, is called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). With SRT, we can not only research and clear the subconscious mind, but also the entire soul record.

The Soul (Akashic) Record

The soul record is commonly referred to as the Akashic Record. It is the record of everything the soul has experienced from the instant that the Divine Blueprint was formed at the level of the GODHEAD until the present moment and beyond. All the programming from this and other lives is stored there.

— Excerpt taken from: The Freedom Path/Your Mind Net, by Robert E. Detzler, © 1996

Spiritual Brain Repatterning

The brain is an instrument of the physical body. It is the device we use to make conscious determinations as to what life is about and how to work with life. Every person has some programming in the brain that can and usually does limit a full and complete harmonious expression of life. Re-structuring is a way to uncover and change these patterns from ones that limit life to ones that promote life. Amazing changes take place in a person's life when their brain cells have been re-structured and re-patterned.

This process reveals dominance patterns we have lived with over time which contributes to attitudes and behaviors that are very deeply rooted within our consciousness within our brain cells the backup computer to our personal files! — and then quickly clears and reprograms the brain cells installing new, positive programs, patterns and attitudes.

The second part of this process, is the Crystalline Restructing (clears and balances emotional energy) and the Organ and Glandular Balancing (vibrational healing and balancing of all organs and glands).

Spiritual Brain Repatterning is now part of the initial SRT clearing.

Click here for testimonials from Spiritual Response Therapy clients!

Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant & Former Teacher
Certification through the Spiritual Response Assocation

Rev. Diana Ewald | Essential Life Ministry
Winter Park, FL 32789

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