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The following are testimonials from some of my clients who have experienced spiritual healing and other benefits through Spiritual Response Therapy.

I started this New Year clearly knowing I had to do something to impact the quality of my life. I didn't want to start another year making resolutions, working towards keeping these resolutions throughout the year and still ending the year not fulfilling my goals, dreams, and wishes. And not fully understanding what went wrong or why I didn't achieve the desired outcome.

After reading about SRT I knew this was my answer. I received my clearing in January. After the clearing I noticed the silence. My inner voice wasn’t running it's usual negative dialogue anymore. Every week I noticed being more present in the moment on whatever I was doing. My normal random thoughts were diminishing. With this came clarity, focus and increase of energy.

Every month since getting cleared I have accomplished several goals I set starting this year and the year’s not over yet. There has also been a physical change for me. I am more vibrant, healthier and focused on getting a more fit body.

I recently had SRT clearings done on my children and ex-husband. I wanted my family environment to become more harmonious and experience similar benefits. Within a month I have noticed an improvement with them.

All I can say is remove the blocks that have been stopping you — sign up for a Spiritual Response Therapy session and start to experience all of your possibilities. — D.S., Orlando, FL

I had gone for years living with esteem issues and general lack of self-worth. When a friend told me about SRT, I was a bit hesitant... not sure whether to believe it would really make a difference or not. I went ahead and decided to go through with it and it has made a world of difference in my life. I no longer feel overwhelmed with worry about every little thing and I'm finally at peace with myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for healing in their life!!! — K.B., Orlando, FL

Thank you again for helping me along my path in life. One day after the clearing I felt that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel happy again. The programs that you cleared as I reviewed them were very accurate. I felt I was on a path of spiritual suicide previously. I'm moving on now in my life thanks to having met you. — L.K., Miami, FL

What brought me to Diana. I've been struggling with low back pain for six years. It progressed to my neck and legs two years ago. I've been to four chiropractors, two physical therapists, three spine specialists, neurologists, numerous massage therapists, lymphatic drainage (which is great for you, but didn't help my back or neck). Two acupuncturists, which helped relieve some neck pain. And last but not least, I had my spine stretched to help with the three bulging disc's which weren't detected until recently. This treatment made my legs so weak I was unable to stand for more then ten minutes. I've also been on numerous pain pills and muscle relaxers which made me loopy and lethargic. I must have heard ten times 'this will work, three treatments and you will notice a huge difference.' Ten, twenty treatments and the only difference was in my wallet.

I am a very open minded person and when you are in that much pain you want to believe that this or that will work. And for me nothing did until I went to see Diana Ewald. I originally set up an appointment to have Cranial Sacral therapy; after the first session she suggested I might want to try SRT. She gave me some info and I went home.

After my second session with the Cranial therapy I asked about having the SRT done. Diana explained it to me. I felt very comfortable with Diana, we have the same name as well as she looks like an angel and I just had a really good feeling about this. It made sense when nothing else did. And I had nothing to lose. I wouldn't be the best person to explain how it works, but it worked!

Now it's almost eight weeks later and I'm feeling sooo much better. I've been out of work for almost a year because of the pain and now I can work out, go rollerblading and do things I haven't done in years! And I'm still gaining strength and muscle tone back where it's been lost. I highly recommend this process to everyone — and do! — D.K., Orlando, FL

Spiritual Response Therapy was a new awakening to my soul. I am a 39 year old female and I have suffered from depression and lived with suicidal feelings for as long as I can remember. Within 24 hours of SRT, the suicidal feelings left me for good. Most of the depression left and I rarely feel any effects of depression anymore. I was diagnosed with chronic asthma sixteen years ago. I was using medication twice a day without fail. One day after SRT, I was down to one dose a day. Within a matter of weeks, I was only taking medication once a week and I have been without medication now for three weeks and I rarely have any symptoms. Anything that does occur can be handled by increasing my water intake and deep breathing or other relaxation tactics. So many of my emotional and physical parts are greatly improved that some people don’t even recognize me anymore. I am told that I glow and look incredibly happy. The weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders. This experience is difficult to put into words as it is an answer to prayer!! Some other challenges came into my life recently, so I asked Diana for a “tune up”. Within an hour of this request, many burdens disappeared and haven’t returned a week later. — V.C., Orlando, FL

I tried SRT out of desperation. I had been ill for years, suffering from fibromyalgia and migraines related to metal toxicity. When I came in for a cranialsacral treatment one day I could barely stand, much less walk. Diana reminded me about Spiritual Response Therapy and I agreed. And am I glad I did! I woke up the next day not only immensely better but  feeling absolutely optimistic, something that hadn't happened in literally years. It's been less than the thirty days of clearings that are a part of the process of SRT but good things continue to happen. I'm especially excited about the excess weight that I'm at last losing! Thank you, Diana. It was worth every penny and more. — A.Y., Orlando, FL

It feels like my world was turned upside down... things are really flowing now and I have actually been having a hard time keeping up. This is a good thing. Before the clearing I was feeling stuck and bored and afraid of just about everything. Now I am feeling overwhemed, but I feel like everything is going to be fine, and I feel ready for whatever is coming next. All the fears of the unknown have been gradually disappearing. I am feeling more connected and like I am a part of something special. This is a great feeling. I am really glad that we did this! — D.K., Orlando, FL

My husband and I had both been suffering from chronic pain and discomfort. My husband's was located in his left shoulder. You could feel a hard, tense knot from his neck down the shoulder towards his arm from two automobile injuries several years ago. The pain had become almost unbearable over the last few years. Traditional medicine didn't offer any permanent help. He has been xray-d, MRI-d, and drugged (pain pills, muscle relaxers); medical doctors chiropractors, massage and even acupuncture offered only temporary relief. He couldn't swing his left arm across his body nor sleep on his left side. Being in constant pain was affecting his day-to-day living, his attitude and his golf!

I had been suffering from lower left back pain for 3 years and severe pain from my tailbone area for the past year. The back pain came from tripping through a screen door (don't ask!) and I attributed the other to a fractured tailbone injured when I was 17, now causing pain in my old age. I do sit excessively at my computer, so that seemed logical. I had gotten use to the chronic lower back pain and had learned to "live with it" but the growing tailbone pain I suffered this year overshadowed my back pain to the point I was unable to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time. It was like that area was screaming "don't make me sit anymore!" This made driving, attending meetings, sitting in restaurants, movies, etc. a real problem, and sitting at my desk was almost out of the question. I resorted to a donut cushion and small pillows to alleviate some pressure off my spine but that only worked for about an hour or so. I've had x-rays, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage - all temporary; the problem was back as soon as I sat down for any length of time.

By a strange set of connected events, I met Diana Ewald, a licensed massage therapist, who, more importantly, is certified in many forms of alternative healing methods. After discussing my back pains with her, I made an appointment for Spiritual Response Therapy. I thought, what can it hurt - I've tried everything else. It took just two sessions and I was completely healed - two because I held back information on the first one, or maybe I just didn't believe it myself. The first session healed my tailbone pain completely and we also delved into some emotional issues. I went back for a tune up a few weeks later because I felt there was a little lingering pain my my lower left hip area. Those issues were addressed and its now completely gone! That has been over two months ago - now the only problem I have is I CAN sit in my office 12 hours a day without any back pain, so now I'm overworking! - that's a good problem to have.

Back to my husband, since I had such great resutls with my first session, I scheduled one for my husband who was extremely skeptical. After a one hour SRT session, the three of us went to lunch where we learned more about Diana's background and different healing techniques she utilizes. We talked more about my husband's arm and shoulder pain. Afterwards in the parking lot, Diana gave my husband a brief hands-on healing for his shoulder. He couldn't see behind himself, but I watched them both. He started to feel dizzy and thought he was going to faint, then just as quickly he was fine; he was then able to move his left arm without pain in ways he hasn't been able to do in years!

Miracle? Maybe. Energy change - that's what Diana calls it. All we know is that he regained the use of his arm, the shoulder tissue knots are gone, the pain is gone, and he can sleep on his left side which makes him much more pleasant to live with also. He can't believe has has spent all this time and money on all kinds of doctors and this little angel named Diana Ewald cured him in one session! Note - she'll never say she cured him that's between his soul and God - and she'll never get rich that way; she should have at least told us we had to come to her office 3 times a week for 2 months of therapy like so many doctors make thier patients think is the treatment plan - Diana did it in ONE SESSION! So I think she deserves a testimonial heck, I think she should be on Oprah! Especially since Oprah's magazine did a small spotlight on the hot alternative treatments of the future including CranioSacral. Please call her and leave a message, she's probably with a client. My husband's golf game has greatly improved - now he has no more excuses! We are both unbelievably well! — VP, Clermont, FL

I am no longer depressed; no longer using progesterone cream. I didn't even get upset by the gas prices - first time ever! — MA, Orlando, FL

I was aware that I was fearful of too many things in my life. After SRT, in the space of 3 days, I was amazingly courageous in a situation I was afraid of before. Much more calm and patient with a more positive attitude about the future. Happier. I am making better decisions. — CD, Orlando, FL

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Clearings can be done in person, over the phone or in absentee (remote or distance healing). This process is done energetically and through Spirit, therefore, you do not need to be present. The SRT process is facilitated by my High Self and my High Self Committee and is received by your Soul and High Self and High Self Committee to your human self.

After your clearing, you will also receive a general clearing for the next 30 days which clears world energies and accumulated energy picked up on a daily basis. SRT Initial Clearing: $111; $66 for follow up clearings. As long as we are in human form, we will continue to face situations in which to choose how to react; this is how we learn and reclaim our power as masters in the physical realm.

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